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Phil has extensive experience in strategic planning, executive development, financial management, sales/sales development, developing customer loyalty, team building and employee development.

Rising to the Challenge

As a seasoned business executive, Phil has a career that spans over 31 years of successful leadership as an extremely accomplished CEO and in sales and management.

Moving Up the Ladder

In his CEO positions, Phil led two multi-million dollar corporations in the consumer products sector. First, as CEO at Oakton Distributors, Phil’s ability to negotiate with successful business owners and to motivate his sales teams led the company to record-breaking sales of over $40,000,000 and increased profits for both the corporation and its dealer customers, which culminated in industry media recognition as Distributor of the Year in 1995.

Piloting the company through challenging years meant the need to re-coup the loss of 50% of the company’s revenue as former manufacturing partners restructured their distribution channels. As a consequence of Phil’s skillfully forging strategic alliances, dealer agreements and establishing better business practices, Oakton’s sales recovered fully and increased an additional 28%.


New Role, Same Results

Through his operational leadership expertise at Lakeview Distributing, he piloted his sales and customer loyalty teams to increased productivity which, over a four-year period, resulted in revenues doubling from $13,000,000 to over $26,000,000.

Streamlining Success In A New Company

As the Executive Vice-President of a group of companies that consisted of an ultra-high-end kitchen studio and architectural millwork/custom furniture manufacturer, Phil lead the sales team to a 38% increase in two years, created the processes to streamline purchasing resulting in an annual cost savings of 7.7% and crafted procedures to increase manufacturing efficiencies, cutting lead times by 13%.

A New Direction

Now, as the principal of LEAP Associates, Phil translates his winning business experience into solid leadership development and strategic support for entrepreneurs, executives and corporate leaders alike. His coaching certification provides access to a wide variety of diagnostic tools which ensure that clients receive targeted coaching for their particular requirements andconcrete strategies to develop their potential into improved performance and enhanced business results.

Development of Knowledge

Phil received a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy from Western Illinois University and is a Certified Business Coach through Resources Associates Corp.


Phil is a terrific coach. He has helped me to focus in ways that I have never thought possible. My business and family are much better off because of the support and guidance I receive from Phil.
Naveed Usman